PhD in Philosophy

The PhD in Philosophy program has 5 objectives:

  • Pursuing one's university education.

  • Equipping students to produce an original contribution to the literature in this discipline.

  • Training university-level philosophy professors.

  • Training professional consultants in strategic fields (ethics, politics, communications).

  • Training high-level researchers.
  • Fall and winter admission
  • Daytime classes
  • Full-time and part-time
  • 90 credits, including 75 for the thesis

It is still time to apply!

Questions about this program?

David Piché, Associate Professor: 514 343-6111, ext. 1355
Pierrette Delisle, Student File Management Technician: 514 343-6111, ext. 1340

The + of studying philosophy at the Université de Montréal!

  • Lectures, roundtable discussions, seminars and informal meetings for philosophical discussions.
  • Ithaque, the philosophy journal, which publishes papers written by students at all levels.