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Bouchard, Frédéric

Full Professor

  • Director, FAS program in the environment and sustainable development


  • Telephone 514-343-6848 Pav. 2910 EDOUARD-MONTPETIT \ Ext. 402


Bouchard, Frédéric

Research expertise

A philosopher of science and of biology, whose research concerns mainly the theoretical bases of evolutionary biology and of ecology.

Evolution by natural selection is often summed up by the expression “survival of the fittest”; Frédéric Bouchard’s research is aimed at explaining how biologists define and measure this fitness. He is also interested in various facets of the epistemology of life sciences, such as the role of scientific expertise in public decision making, the nature and specificity of explanations in ecology, the question of reductionism in science, and the issue of biological individuality (e.g. can termite colonies and ecosystems be studied as “superorganisms”?). All these interests have led him to examine issues related to the environment and sustainable development from epistemological and governance points of view.

His thoughts on these issues can be read in Philosophy of Science, Biology and Philosophy, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Biological Theory, PNAS, and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, among others. See www.fredericbouchard.org.

Areas of expertise


Frédéric Bouchard, Philippe Huneman (Eds) (2013) From Groups to Individuals: Evolution and Emerging Individuality, MIT Press, Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology, 288p [MIT Press|amazon.comchapters.cabarnes&nobleamazon.ca|amazon.framazon.co.uk